Punk Rock

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The Brews

Eat The Meek

Idiots Are Taking Over

All songs

100 times fuckeder

13 Stiches


60 Percent Reprise

60 Reprise

72 Hookers

All His Suits Are Torn

All Of Me

All Outta Agoust

All Outta Angst

Anarchy Camp

August 8th

Augusth 8th

Bang Gang

Bath Of Least Resistance

Bath Of Lest Resistance

Beer Bong

Best God In Show

Bleeding Heart Disease


Bottles To The Ground

California Drought

Can't Get The Stink Out

Champs Elisees

Champs Elysees

Cokie The Clown

Cool and unusual punishment

Dad's Bad News

Dadīs Bad News

Day to Daze


Dinosaurs Will Die

Don Call Me White

Dont Call Me White


Down With The Ship

Drain Bramaged

Drop the World

Drugs Are Good

Dying Degree

Eat The Meek

El Lay


Falling In Love

Fan Mail

Fermented And Flailing

First Call

Five Feet Under


Flossing a Dead Horse

Food, Sex & Ewe

Franco Un-american

Franco unamerican

Free Dumb

Freedom Like A Shopping Cart



Golden Boys


Green Corn

Happy Break Up Song

Happy Guy

Hobophobic (Scared of Bums)

Hot Dog In A Hallway

Hot Dog In The Hallway

I Am An Alcoholic

I Don't Want You Around

I Donīt Want You Around

I Wanna Be Your Baby

I'm A Huge Fan Of Bad Religion

I'm A Transvest-lite

I'm So Sorry Tony

I'm Telling Tim

I'm The One (rancid Cover)

I, Fatty

Idiots Are Taking Over

Instant Crassic

Insulted By Germans

Its My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite

Itīs My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite

Jaundiced eye

Johnny Appleseed

Kids Of The K Hole

Kids Of The K-Hole

Kill All The White Men

Leave It Alone

Leaving jesusland

Life Oriley



Lisa And Lusia

Liza and Louise

Lori Mayers

Lori Meyers

Lori Meyers (acoustic)

Lory Mayers


Love Story



Malachi Crunch

Man I killed

Marxist Brothers


Monosyllabic Girl

Moron Brothers

Murder The Government

Murder The Govt

My Heart Is Yearning

My Orphan Year

My Vagina

New Years Revolution


One Way Ticket To Fuckneckville

Oxy Moronic


Party Enema

Perfect Government

Phantom Of The Opera

Pharmistists Daughter

Philty Phil Philanthropist

Please Play On Radio

Please play this song on the radio

Please Stop Fucking My Mom

Professional Crastination

Pump Up The Valuum

Punk Guy

Punk Rock Elite

Quart In Session

Re-gaining Unconsciousness

Regaining Unconsciousness

Release The Hostages

Ronnie And Mags

San Francisco Fat

Scavenger Type

Seeing Double At The Triple Rock

She Didn't Lose Her Baby

She nubs

Shes Nubs

Shitting bricks

Six Pack Girls

Six Years On Dope

Soul Doubt

Stick In My Eye

Sticking in My Eye

Stickin` In My Eye

Straight Edge

Teenage Punching Bag

The Bag

The Brews

The Cause

The Decline

The Desperation's Gone

The Happy Guy

The Idiots Are Taking Over

The Irrationality Of Rationality

The Kids + The Kids II

The longest line

The Malachi Crunch

The Plan

The Quitter

The separation of church and skate

the seperation of church and skate

The Shortest Pier

Theres No Fun In Fundamentalism

This Machine Is 4

Together On The Sand

Total Bummer

Two hearts


Vanilla Sex



We Called It America

We Don't Play Ska Anymore

We Threw Gasoline On The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arms And Eyebrows

We Threw Gasoline On The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arms And No Eyebrows

Were Bros

What's The Matter With Parents Today?

Whats The Matter With Kids Today

Wolves In Wolves Clothing

Wore Out The Soles Of My Party Boots

Xmas Has Been Xed

You Will Lose Faith

You will lose faith (acoustic)

You're Bleeding

You're Wrong

Your Hubcaps Cost More Than My Car

Zyclone B Bathhouse

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