Misc Originals

Misc Originals


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R And Tf - Chivalrous Defender

Bobby Clay - The Guilt

Karatekai - Ottersong

Charlene Flynn - Wonder Woman

East Of Sundown - Another Jessy James

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1 2 Buckle My Shoe - Blanco Y Sancho Nike Kicks

A1b1c2d2 - Titania

Aaro Joki - Rauhaa

Agnes Hodges - Timothy

Al Sam - The Stars

Alex Hensley - Lasso The Moon

Alex Hensley - Silhouettes Through Douglas Furs

Alex K - Hollow

Alex Twig - Ten Am In The Morning

Alice La - What If I Stay Here

Alina Stiefel - The Fish And The Crab Version 2

Alistermcstrudel - How Lucky I Am

Allister Macgillivray - Away From The Roll Of The Sea

Amart1584 - Rpc

Andrea Jimenez - October

Andrew Nash - Running Myself Dry

Andrew Nash - Still Pursuing

Andy - Pilgrims Way

Andy Harbach - Constant

Angelo Bernardo - O Canada

Anton Torin - Det Nu Du Ska Spørg

Apis Mellifera - Mistakes

Augustoseoane - Alive

Avondale - The Low Road

Badgergrass - Rock Me Santa

Bandølier - Security

Bee Sharkey - Why You

Bill Pounds - Forever Right This Time

Billy Carl - All Them Pretty Horses

Blake Levon - Prisoner

Blake Levon - The World Aint Gonna Get Better

Bobby Clay - California Aint What It Is On Tv

Bobby Clay - Morning Light Comes

Bobby Clay - The Guilt

Bobby Clay - The Radio Sucks

Borage Testudines - Better Yet

Brad Healey - And You

Brad Healey - Dusty Road

Brad Healey - Home

Brad Healey - I'm Alone

Brad Healey - Problems

Brad Healey - Very Last Goodbye

Brian Pratt - You Must Be Lucky

Bronwen Yoncak - Enough

Brooklynn And Chris - Desperate

Bryant Davis - Day That Goes By

Brännbart - Jobbig Jävel På Tuben

Buffalo Star - Mercy Most Of All

C Naiv - Kind Schliess Die Augen Zu

Caitlin Dalton - Robin

Caleb Webster - Top And Flop

Cam Macdonald - Black Heart

Cam Macdonald - Brand New Start

Cam Macdonald - Falling Apart

Cameron Donovan - Hard

Camille Ladd - Drink The Ocean

Camille Ladd - Heretics And Holy Warriors

Camille Ladd - What I Would Bury

Carolina Ingram - All I Want To Be For You

Caroline Mann - Twelve Days Of Christmas Sci Version

Cece Bobbili - Konthe Chuputho

Celin - If Only

Charlene Flynn - The Land

Charlene Flynn - Wonder Woman

Charles Beason - Social-algo-rythem

Charlotte Sharkey - For You

Chris Balogh - Vonneguts Farm

Clint Wilson - Protest Singer

Colton Elsen - Unheld Love Ballad

Cory Steighner - Two Little Kids

Cotttonmouth Candy - Hemotoxin

Crystal Trees - Oct

Curis Davis - Her Horns Hold Up Her Halo

Curt Buchan - Calloused Heart

Daanthemusican - You And Me

Daanthemusician - The One Girl

Dark Eyed Scarecrow - Toothless

Dark Eyed Scarecrow - Victoria In The Springtime

Dark Eyed Scarecrow - Was It Even Real

Dave Scott - Pretending

David Harrison - A Mothers Love

David Harrison - Doorways

David Harrison - Everybody

David Harrison - Feeling Good

David House - It Shines On Everyone

David Jez - A Kiwi Serenade

David Warmke - If You There Is No God You Are Notthinking

David Warmke - Starship

Debargha - Ami Cheyechi Jake

Delaney Hanson - Ghost

Den Salazar - Not Okay

Do Mazor - In Another Life

Domanick Daniels - Hit Or Miss

Donny Van Slee - Cup Of Joe

Dylan Arnold - Famous In A Small Town

East Of Sundown - Another Jessy James

East Of Sundown - This Small Town

Ed Cunningham - Stones Throw

Ember Sage - Shot Me Down

Emiliana Mccalister - You

Emily Moffat - Flowers Grow Through Dirt

Emma Scott - Things I Want To Say

Eric Nelson - Far Away From You And Me

Eric Nelson - They Dont Know

Eric Nolli - I Am With You

Eric Nolli - No One Else Compares

Exp Radio - Kinder Mit Ranzen 2023

Fabio Gualerzi - Covid 19

Faith Marmor - By Their Side

Faith Marmor - Casting Away

Finn Macfarlane - Leave Me Alone

Floyd Turner - Time Served

Francesco Lylet - Das Lied Des Auges

François Verger - Age Of Empires

François Verger - Ce Nest Pas Une Chanson Triste

François Verger - Garde Le Feu De Lespoir

François Verger - Jaimerais Avoir Votre Courage

Francois Verger - Ne Me Parlez Pas Ainsi De Lui

Fth1 - Come To The Lamb

Gabbic - Heres To Us

Gabe Ets-hokin - All The People Who Died Smr Version

Gary Hughes - I Want You Dead

George Partner - The Sofa Song

Gerrimango - Say What You Mean

Giddy - The Song Of Moses

Giorgos Kalogirou - Ksenitia Tu Erota

Godot - Ummageher Blues

Grace Newman - Madeline

Griffin Mock - Make It Up To You

Guido - Firstriff

Hannah Stokes - Within The Year

Harvey Midnight - Taking Me Over

Harvey Midnight - Wallflower Girl

Hazel Jensen - Ooooh Covid

Hexwraith - Hexwraith

Hexwraith - Song1

Iglesia Bíblica Bautista Iquique - Canta Al Señor Toda La Creación

Inertia - A Couple Varitaions

J Maher - But Not Me

Jacob Joseph - You Will Never Fail

Jake Rawlinson - Grown

James Knight - I Was Made For You

Jane Gonzaga - I Hate That I Like You

Jarryd Sutton - Where Am I Now

Jasmé Kelly - Ghosts

Jasmé Kelly - Somebodys Girlfiend

Jasmé Kelly - The Words You Said

Jason Wulf Band - The One For Me

Jay Colletto - Die For You

Jb Phillips - The Batshit Blues

Jcsf - Napakabuti Mo

Jehn Cerron - He Never Stopped Loving You

Jeremiah Parkinson - The Colonel

Jerry Hall - All I Can Afford

Jerry Hall - Dont Go

Jerry Hall - Feels Like Today

Jerry Hall - I Dont Know

Jeske - Lorena

Jesse Benzing - To Seek And Save

Jim Lewallen - Around The World And Back Again

Jimmy - Chasing Dreams

Jimmy - Nomadic Dreams

Jimmy - The Luckiest Sailor

Jimmy Shaka - Lets Go

Joey Panzarella - Flames Of Family

Johan Westbom - Ett Stenkast Bort

John Hiland - Matchbook In My Pocket

Jon Theis - Be

Jon Theis - Dont Tap The Brakes

Jon Theis - Even If I Tried

Jon Theis - Grow

Jon Theis - Time To Ride

Jon Theis - Well Worn Grooves

Jonah Jenkins - Wont You Show Me Who I Am

Jonas Ringsgård - Beautiful

Jonathan Burger - Bulgaria

Jonathan Miller - See You There

Jordan Bartelt - Best Friends

Jordan Mcduff - Come So Far So Far Away

Jorge Luis Moya Jr - Me Avientas El Corazón

Jules Renato - Come Around

Just Jack - Cigarettes

Just Someone - Books

Justin Lee - Procrastination Song

Karatekai - Ottersong

Karina Kern - Not Over You

Karl Am Strand - Spucke

Kassie - Through The Night

Kat Hunter - Outside In

Kayla Baela - Whoops I Fell For U

Kaywhi9836 - Like My Father Parody

Kendall Goldschmidt - Once I Play In Tennessee

Kenny Cree - Giving Up

Keram - Sagt Mein Chef

Kimberly Lynne - I Know

Koos Van Zyl - The God We Know

Lainey Wilson - Save Me

Lana Nichols - Break Loose

Larry Jones - A Song For The Love Of My Life Evelyn

Laurie Blain-dumas - Failed Galaxy

League Of Lousy Liars - In A Rundown Seedy Bar

Leibel Cohen - Ill Surrender Dear

Leibel Cohen - Maybe Its Time

Les Haskaps - Navire Dargent

Lofasu - Erosthanatos

Lofasu - La Brise

Lofasu - Le Désir

Lofasu - Merci Pour La Passion

Lonesome Grass - Never Knew Silence Like This Before

Love Nuggets - Get You Back

Mai - Ketamine Song

Malte - Mein Weg

Malte - Mit Dem Herzen Sehen

Marah Burnes - Nothing Lasts Forever

Mark Behan - Dollar General

Mark-yves Zwanenburg - Thirty - Welcome To The Party

Marlon Sloan - Revelations

Marrison - Surely We Aren't Good Enough

Martin Anderson - I Dont Know

Marvin Ellana - Last Day Of Summer

Matthew Easler - Victory March

Matthew Webb - Worthy Lord God Almighty

Maya Mikity - Guess You Wont

Medal Play - Some Say He Had It Coming

Mel Jackson - Forty Years On Were Still Rocking

Mia Márton And Celina Marschallek - Rainy Days

Miassongs - Sand In My Eyes

Michael Williams - Breathing Air

Mijntje Dekker - Jij Bent Het Probleem

Mike River - Hayseed Thrill

Millie Oliver And The Missing Pieces - Deep Endless Sea

Millie Oliver And The Missing Pieces - Give Up On You

Millie Oliver And The Missing Pieces - If I Lost Your Love

Millie Oliver And The Missing Pieces - Never Mine

Millie Oliver And The Missing Pieces - Plenty Entertained

Milly Lynn - Daisy Fields

Mitch Sevy - Black Patch War

Morgan Peterson - The Way

My Children - Terese

My Familiar - Better

Myrddin - La Via Ariannas Tower

Myrddin - Laddio A Gandalf

Neo - One Last Time

Nick Conrad - Julia

Nick Tay - Debra Kate

Nicola Boon - Naughty Favourite Things Parody

Nikolai - Brillen

Nikolai - Der Wegweiser

Nikolai - Hafen

Nikolai - Nimm Mich

Oaksplash - Sea Song

Oscar Warrenfield - Razor Blades

Paige Pedersen - Baby Blue

Patrick Hagerman - Valdosta Women

Pepper Brooks - Flip Flops And Blue Jeans

Plasma Paint - Stained Glass Pyramid

R And Tf - Chivalrous Defender

Reachless - Happily Ever After

Reece Shepherd - Rid Of Me

Ricochet - Landslide

Rise In The Moon - Project 001

Robert Ehee - Back To October

Rocketship Ranch - South Table Mountain

Rodney Henson - Be Kind Rewind

Rodney Henson - Smiling Jack

Rose Fardon - Backseat Breakup

Royceagustin1 - Shooting Star Camp Song

Ryan Mcfly - Our Love Is Gone

Ryley Johnson - Fire In The Park

Sally Folk - Porteuse De Vie

Sam Crichton - Misery

Sariana - Dream Zone

Sariana - Ocean

Saturday Sessions - Government Bad

Shane Henry - Enough

Slow Moving Bird - 49

Sonny Chase - Firefly In The Lot

Stefan Sirotkin - Country Is My Middle Name

Stephan Sager - Underneath The Black Sun

Stephan Sager - Waiting For The Winter

Studio 206 - Federico Ti Sfido

Swose - New Generation

Taboo - Petrified

Tanao Tao Ii - Akala Ko Ba

The Boys - Honkytonk 10

The Hermanutics - Since Youve Went Away

The Lorbank Collective - Cinder Grey

The Lorbank Collective - Hate The Winner

The Lorbank Collective - Made Of Clay

The Lorbank Collective - Royal Canal

The Mangos - Simple And Easy

The Wolf Man - By Charlene Flynn

Thom Johnston - Do You Need Me Too

Thomas Co - Melody

Tipsy Tip - Australian Boy

Toby Schuetgens - Guitars Come To Life

Todd Phillips - Frisky Whiskey Mornings

Tom Foster - Businessman Blues

Tony Wulfkuhle - Just A Drop Of Rain

Tori Liba - Lemons

Tyler Funk - State Lines

Ukelayla - Christmas Island

Vhon Jacob Celajes - Princesa

Vigor Mortis - Surf Song

Visionaries Worship - Never Ends

Voidbass - Kill Me

Vortex United - Donny 01135809

Vviv - Ive Been Trying

Wesley Hunt - Winter Light

Whistlingcow - Torn Apart

Wvdp - Een Dwaze Mop

Wvdp - Perfect Mess

Wynyard Watershed Group - Lonesome Road

Wynyard Watershed Group - Small Birds

Wynyard Watershed Group - Watershed

Wäinön Lähteet - Hakkila

Wäinön Lähteet - Henkipatto

Wäinön Lähteet - Kuutostie

Zander Rowell - Is This Love

Æshane - 85

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