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Alina Stiefel - The Fish And The Crab Version 2(Chords)

Misc Originals

Key: Em

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Verse 1:

Em A D G Once upon a time in the deep blue sea Em A D There lived a fish so full of glee Em A D G He swam with ease - but deep within Em A Hm Em A D He knew heīd lost the way for him. (repeat)

Verse 2:

Em A D G One day as he was sleeping in Em A D He felt something pinch his fin. Em A D G A crab was there, quite keen and brave Em A Hm Em A D ?Would you like and ride some waves?? (repeat)

Verse 3:

Em A D G He gazed upon her, quite surprised Em A D She was the one, he realized. Em A D G They went to play, joyful mischief Em A Hm Em A D And danced around the coral reef. (repeat)

Verse 4:

Em A D G The crab had never loved a fish before Em A D But soon she softened to his lore. Em A D G With love-struck eyes and warming heart Em A Hm Em A D They both had found their counterpart. (repeat)

Verse 5:

Em A D G Their love grew stronger every day Em A D Between the open sea and bay. Em A D G The crab would sometimes visit land, Em A Hm Em A D The fish then roamed the ocean grand. (repeat)

Verse 6:

Em A D G But they never stayed apart for long Em A D They missed each other far too strong. Em A D G Together they had made their dream Em A Hm Em A D The fish, the crab, my, what a team! (repeat)

Verse 7:

Em A D G Their love lives on donīt be afraid, Em A D The song they sing will never fade. Em A D G For their love is true and ? oh-so ? fab, Em A Hm Em A D So they still are ? the fish and crab. (repeat)

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