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Grease - Hopelessly Devoted To You

Jurassic Park - Theme

Ghostbusters Theme

Juno - Anyone Else But You

Top Gun Theme

All songs

2 Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place Theme

28 Days Later - In The House - In A Heartbeat

28 Days Later - No More Films

7th Heaven Theme

A Knights Tale - Pieces

A Mighty Wind - A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow

A Mighty Wind - A Mighty Wind

A Mighty Wind - Blood On The Coal

A Mighty Wind - Fare Away

A Mighty Wind - Just That Kinda Day

A Mighty Wind - Loco Man

A Mighty Wind - Main Street Rag

A Mighty Wind - Never Did No Wanderin

A Mighty Wind - Old Joes Place

A Mighty Wind - One More Time

A Mighty Wind - Potatos In The Paddywagon

A Mighty Wind - Skeletons Of Quinto

A Mighty Wind - Start Me Up

A Mighty Wind - The Ballad Of Bobby And June

A Mighty Wind - The Good Book Song

A Mighty Wind - When Youre Next To Me

A-team Theme

Above The Law - Theme

Across The Universe - I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Adams Family - Theme

Addams Family - Theme

Age Of Empires - Theme

Age Of Empires Cinematic

Airwolf Theme

Aladdin - A Whole New World

All In The Family - Theme

American Pie - Theme Intro

Aphexion - Theme

Armageddon - Theme Solo

At The Circus Theme

August Rush - Elgarsomething Inside

Austin Powers - Theme

Avenue Q - Schadenfreude

Back To The Future - Theme

Barney Miller Theme

Batman - Theme

Batman And Robin - Theme

Beverly Hills 90210 - Theme

Beverly Hills Cop - Theme

Big Rock Candy Mountain Theme

Blazing Saddles - Theme

Blues Brothers - Theme

Bodi Improv

Bonanza - Theme

Braveheart - Theme Intro

Brazil - Theme

Breakfast At Tiffanys Theme

Brokeback Mountain - The Wings

Broken Arrow Theme

Bubba Ho-tep Theme

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - I Got A Theory

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - I Wish I Could Stay

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Lifes A Show

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Rest In Peace

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Theme

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Under Your Spell

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Walk Through The Fire

Burning Bridges - Kellys Heroes Theme

Castle - Theme

Celebrando A Vida

Charlies Angels - Theme Intro

Charmed - Theme

Cheers Theme

Circus Theme

Clerks - What A Wookie

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Theme

Cool Hand Luke Theme

Cowboy Bebop - Blue

Cowboy Bebop - Call Me Call Me

Cowboy Bebop - Don't Bother None

Cowboy Bebop - Forever Broke

Cowboy Bebop - Memory

Cowboy Bebop - Rain

Cowboy Bebop - Want It All Back

Crossroads - Theme

Death March - Theme

Death To Smoochy - My Stepdads Not Mean

Debbie Does Dallas - Theme

Deliverance - Theme

Destination Anywhere - Theme

Dirty Dancing - Shes Like The Wind

Donnie Darko - Mad World

Dracula 2000 - Theme

Dueling Guitars

Enchanted - Thats How You Know

Endless Summer - Theme

Endless Summer 2 - Theme

Entertainment Tonight - Theme

Evangelion - Cruel Angels Thesis

Exorcist - Theme

Fahrenheit 9 11 - Theme

Father Of The Bride Theme

Father Ted - My Lovely Horse

Father Ted - Theme

Flintstones - Theme

Forrest Gump - Theme

Four Weddings And A Funeral - Theme

Freaky Friday - Take Me Away

Frere Jacques Theme

Friends - Phoebes Holiday Song

Friends - Smelly Cat

Friends - Theme

Friends - Wedding Song

Gabrielle - Theme

Ghostbusters Theme

Godfather - Theme

Godspell - All For The Best

Godspell - Day By Day

Godspell - Finale

Godspell - God Save The People

Godspell - Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord

Godspell - Save The People

Godspell Theme

Golden Girls - Theme

Grease - Greased Lightning

Grease - Hopelessly Devoted To You

Grease - Summer Nights

Grease - Theme

Green Acres - Theme

Gremlins - Theme

Grindhouse - Theme

Grindhouse Main Titles

Grizzly Man - Coyotes

Hair - Theme

Happy Days - Theme

Harry Potter - Theme

Hawai Five - Theme

Heartbreak High Theme

Heavens On Their Minds - Theme

High School Musical - Breaking Free

High School Musical - Everyday

Hocus Pocus - Come Little Children

Home Alone - Theme

Idle Hands - Theme

Indiana Jones - Theme

Inspector Gadget - Theme

Interstate 76 - Theme

Jackass - Theme

James Bond - From Russia With Love

James Bond - Theme

Jeopardy - Theme

Jesus Christ Superstar - Judass Death

Jesus Christ Superstar - Pilates Dream

Juno - Anyone Else But You

Jurassic Park - Theme

Karekano - Theme

Kids In The Hall - Theme

Kill Bill - Theme

Kill Bill 2 - The Chase

King Arthur - Theme

King Of The Hill - Theme

Knight Rider Theme

Last Waltz Theme

Law And Order Theme

Leap Of Faith Theme

Legend - Unicorn

Linus And Lucy Theme

Little Mermaid - Daughters Of Triton

Little Mermaid - Part Of Your World

Live Freaky Die Freaky - Your Blood Will Set You Free

Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

Lord of the Rings - Batle

Lord Of The Rings - The Shire

Lord Of The Rings Intro

Lord Of The Rings Theme

Lord Of The Rings Theme Intro

Mad About You - The Final Frontier

Magic Roundabout Theme

Mash Theme

Melrose Place Theme

Metal Core Thrash - James Bond

Mission Impossible - Theme

Mission Theme

Mortal Kombat Theme

Moulin Rouge - Come What May

Much Ado About Nothing - Sigh No More Ladies

Munsters Theme

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Theme

Napolean Dynamite Theme

Napoleon Dynamite Theme

Natural Born Killers Theme

Neon Genesis Evangelion Theme

Nightmare Before Christmas - Making Christmas

Nightmare On Elm Street Theme

O Brother Where Art Thou - Big Candy Rock Mountain

O Brother Where Art Thou - Keep On The Sunny Side

Once Upon A Time In Mexico Theme

Pearl Harbor Theme

Pearl Harbor Theme Solo

Peter Gunn Theme

Peter Gunn Theme Solo

Phantasm Theme

Pippin - Corner Of The Sky

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Theme

Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Intro

Pirates Of The Carribean - Hes A Pirate

Police Academy Theme

Power Rangers Theme

Power Rangers Theme Intro

Quantum Leap - Rock The Redhead

Quantum Leap Theme

Reality Bites Theme

Red Dwarf Theme

Reservoir Dogs Theme

Resident Evil 2 Theme

Return Of The Living Dead Theme

Road To Perdition Theme

Rocky - Gonna Fly Now

Rocky 4 - No Easy Way Out

Rocky 4 - War

Rocky Theme

Romeo And Juliet - Love Theme

Running Man Theme

Saturday Night Live - Christmas Song

Saved By The Bell Theme

Schindlers List Theme

Scooby-Doo - Theme

Seinfeld Theme

Sesame Street - Rubber Duckie

Sesame Street Theme

Shaun Of The Dead Theme

Silent Hill - Room Of Angel

Silent Hill 2 Theme

Silent Hill Theme

Simon And Simon Theme

Singles Ward - Book Of Mormon Stories

Sister Act Theme

Spiderman - We Are

Spiderman Theme

Spongebob Squarepants Theme

Star Trek - Amok Time Intro

Star Trek Theme

Star Wars - Darth Vader Theme

Star Wars - Darth Vader Theme Intro

Star Wars - Imperial March Theme

Star Wars - Imperial March Theme Intro

Star Wars - The Phantom Menace

Star Wars Theme

Star Wars Theme Intro

Start Of Something New Theme

Superman Theme

Tales From The Crypt Theme

Taps Theme

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme

Terminator Theme

Terminator Theme Acoustic

That Thing You Do

The Bridge Over River Kwai Theme

The Crow - Eric Dravens Roof Top Solo

The Crow - Inferno

The Crow Theme

The Crow Theme Solo

The Deer Hunter Theme

The Flame Still Burns Theme

The Good The Bad And The Ugly Theme

The Great Escape Theme

The Great Escape Theme Solo

The Magnificent Seven Theme

The Rock Theme Solo

The Vampire Lestat - Forsaken

The Vampire Lestat - Redeemer

The Vampire Lestat - System

The Village Theme

The Wedding Singer - Ill Grow Old With You

This Is Halloween Intro

This Time

Thorn Birds - Speak Softly Love

Three Amigos Theme

Titanic Theme

Top Gun Theme

Transformers - There Is No Plan

Twilight Zone Theme

Wallace And Gromit - Wrong Trousers

Wallace And Gromit Theme

Waynes World Theme

Winter Sonata Theme

Wonder Years Theme

X Files Theme

X Men Theme

Yu-gi-oh - Youre Not Me

Yu-gi-oh Japan - Voice

Yu-gi-oh Theme

Zeher - Woh Lamhey

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