Cowboy Bebop - Call Me Call Me(Chords)


Key: G
Call me Call me 
 Cowboy Bebop 
  Tabbed by SJ ([email protected]) 


-3-3--6-6--8-8--5-6-- note; second chord of each pair  
-3-3--6-6--8-8--6-6--       is optional 
Pre Chorus G D F C ex) G D Call me call me F C Let me know it's alright Chorus G F C ex) G F C Ease my mind G F C Reasons for me to find you Lyrics: I close my eyes and I keep seeing things Rainbow waterfalls Sunny liquid dreams Confusion creeps inside me raining doubt Gotta get to you But I don't know how Call me call me Let me know it's alright Call me call me Don't you think it's 'bout time Please won't you call and Ease my mind Reasons for me to find you Peace of mind What can I do To get me to you I had your number quite some time ago Back when we were young But I had to grow Ten thousand years I've searched it seems and now Gotta get to you Won't you tell me how

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