Misc Your Songs

Misc Your Songs


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Zilmen - Pie In The Sky

7 Arches - Wherever You Will Go

A Guy Named Tom - Hart

Above All Else Theres You

Acacia Odonnell

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10tonix - Marks Lullaby

7 Arches - Wherever You Will Go

A Guy Named Tom - Hart

Above All Else Theres You

Acacia Odonnell

Adam Carpenter - Sweat It Out

Adam Dempsey - My Song

Adrian Salmon - V 32

Adrienne Flores - Without You

Alan Jacobs - My Energy

Alana Brezenski - Faded Dreams

Alana Brezenski - Mallory

Alexander Andreasson - I'm Dangerous

Alexander Oleksyn - Alone


Ally Wallace - In Your Way

Alvin Cain - Lets Dance

Alyse Allen - Super Girl

Anders Mordal - Unnskyld Agnetha

Andrés Jiménez - Alma En Tu Mundo Inmaterial

Andrés Jiménez - Corazon De La Roca

Andrés Jiménez - Desvarío

Andrés Jiménez - Sera Que Estamos Dormidos Cuando Hay Que Velar

Andrés Jiménez - Volverás A Ser Real

Andrew Holness - Alright

Andrew Holness - Phases Of The Moon

Andrew Holness - When You Smile

Angel Funes - La Pesadilla

Anna Gaddie - Holding On

Arend De Beer - En Ek Loop

Arend De Beer - Lost In Your Eyes

Ariff Fitri - Gadis Utara

Arnaud G - Aurore

Ashley Wong - Suffocating

Aster Kanan - Space

Atg - Feeling Stressed

Auto Pilot - Isnt She Lovely

Avia Okdiani - Worth

Avin - Until My Memory Fades

Aysee - Data Overload

Bam Da Banda - Tua Magia

Batzashortfilms - Missing Pieces

Bellas Kitchen

Benjamin Klubben - Stage Of Life

Benjamin Lee - Servant Leader

Biggio E Mandelli - Vita Dinferno

Bill Frank - This Wedding Ring

Billy Clifford - Bad Tattoo Blues

Blakewavery - Can't Stop Us

Blue Eyed Blonde Hair Texas Girl

Brandon Parsons - Forty-nine Times

Brausch Willi - Hey Baby Hey

Brent Terwilliger - Friday Night

Brian Pinkowski - Good Morning Beautiful

Brian Silengo - Walls

Bryant Obrien - To Write Love On Her Arms

Brynn8 - Your Name

Call Me Ben - Serenity

Calvin Pearson - Blessed Holy Redeemer

Candy For Trees - My Island

Casper Fryd Rækjær - Kom Her

Caspian Driscoll - God You Reign

Caspian Driscoll - Unfailing Love

Cassie Percoco - Everythings Right

Cassie Percoco - Save Us

Cat Murphy Band - 5 Months

Cath - Escape

Celebration - Abide

Charles - Baloon

Charlie Carter - Own Worst Enemy

Chris Cotten - Against All Odds

Chris Cotten - Country Angel

Chris Cotten - Just A Kid

Chris Cotten - Skin On Skin

Chris Minton - Neverending Road Trip

Chris Serger - Dont Listen

Christoffer Elstrøm - Longing For Your Glory

Christopher Ryan Fetterhoff - Cindy N Welches Love And Wedding Day Song

Cj Williams - Flat Broke Love Sick And Stoned

Close The Distance - Unnamed

Coki Muslim Fachri - Deadwood

Colton Faulkner - Paralyzed

Cooper Cross - Never Let Me Go

Cooper Stout - Tilda

Craig Handley - Thinking About You

Cris Go - Pag Ibig Na Sana

Dalton West - Broadway

Dao Quy - L-o-v-e Song

Dav?a - In My Memories

Dav?a - Violet Skies

David Chapman - Mesmerised

David House - Do It All Over Again (acoustic)

David House - House Like A Home

David House - The Great Escape

Davis Millard - Only A Moment

Daydreamer - Dismal Thoughts

Daydreamer - Flame

Dean Radcliffe - Remember The Cold

Delorean Gallo - La Enmascarada

Devan Morrison - Necessary

Die Hemel Se Poort Staan Oop

Disciple Of The Daily Mail

Do You Still Dream

Dods - Ganja Und Bier

Donna Es Vampira

Dron Ire - So Far Away

Dswatkinson - Inspiration

Dust - Utopia

Earl Strickling - Lessons

Earworm - Go Home

Ebri Knight - Cridarem

Ebri Knight - Mai Més

Echo Mann - I Left With No Conclusion

Ed Sheeran - Divide Album Medly

Edge Of Tomorrow

Egor Laptev - I Kissed The Devil

Egor Laptev - Looking For Robin Hood

Egor Laptev - No Colour No Creed

Eholmes - Pup Mashup

Eilidh Tait - This Journey

El Descolado De La Escena - Dc

Eldritch - Jolene

Ella Marie - Beverly

Ella Marie - Runnin

Ella Marie - Waitin On You

Ellyria - Sincere

Elva Frye - You Are Near

Elwyn Rune - Memories

Emily Barber - Anything For You

Emma Och Hjördis - Even If

Eric Shaw - Devil In The Desert

Eric Shaw - Goin Out On Top

Eric Yohanta - Peluk Aku

Ethan Castillo - Quiero Regresar

Eugen Eckert - Lamm Gottes Fuer Uns Gegeben

Eunuch Feat Chastems - Relapse

Every Song Is A Love Song

Ezcape Hax - Long Way From Lovin

Faith Horton - Some Called It Love

Felix Kramer - Wahrnehmungssache

Fitzlogan - Lose Me To Love Thee - Lose You To Love Me Parody

Fraiche - Away

Frankie Herschberg - Let Me Repeat

Freddy Vollant - Tshiama Tshiue

Frei Wia A Vogö

Gallery - Shrapnel

Garrett King - You Are Where I Belong

Gary Not Dreamweaver Wright - The Edge

Gas Men - Stacking It

Geryll Zehr - Man With The Broken Sword

Get To You

Glumshoe - Bog Mummy

Grace Hoye - Alone

Graem Allwright - Emmène Moi

Graem Allwright - Quas Tu Appris À Lécole

Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Metal Cover By Adams190

Greg Cross - A Candle That Gives Itself So Softly Away

Greg Fieler - Caroline

Greg Fieler - No Promises No Lies

Greg Fieler - No Tears Today

Guitarlegend - Uplifting

Hades - Conocerte

Hades - Petalos 2da

Hades - Porque

Haley Crystal - Stone

Hans Philip - Dagdrøm1

Harry Wayne Casey And Teri De Sario - Yes I'm Ready

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Hayden Anderson And Noah Thomas - Addiction

Hayden Wiebe - Little Chances

Heureka - Later

Hold On

Holly Enarson - Shouldve Stayed Home

Holton Mody - Blue

Home On The Road

How Can I - Iria Liao

Hugo - You And Me

Human - The Killers

Hunter And Ray - Cpr

I Dont Know How But They Found Me - Choke Ukulele

Impact Bracelet - Noah Thomas

Insidious Platypus - Forever

International Criminal - So Let It Be Written

Isa Kwakkelaar - Forests

Isaac Drury - King Of Deliverance

Isaac Hartcheg - Just Believe

Itsemma111 - Spotlights

Iverson Mitchell - What You Did To Me

Ivy And Rose - Autumn Colours

Ivy And Rose - Choices

Ivy And Rose - Father

Ivy And Rose - Key To Freedom

Ivy And Rose - Never Done

Ivy And Rose - Summerwind

Jack Gribben

Jack Higginbottom - 100 Times Before

Jakob Hjort - Egen Vej

Jakub Pavlík - The Cowboy Ride

James A Foddrill - If I Could Write The Stars

James Kerrigan - Red River Valley

James Poo

James Severin - Come In Shut The Door

James Severin - I Dealt With It Internally Until I Puked

James Tucker - Honky Tonk Sky

Jameszy - Dont Think Of Me As Gone

Jameszy - George Waldron John Doe

Jameszy - Slap My Face

Jason Cross - Same Again

Jason Fieler - Daytime

Jason Fieler- Did You Walk

Jason Fieler- Gate To Heaven

Jason Fieler- Pitcher

Jason Mckeever - Out To Dry

Jason Wulf Band - Loved By You

Jason Wulf Band - No End

Jason Wulf Band - Sausalito

Jason Wulf Band - Wulf Pack

Jcc - Slaves Of Christ

Jcc - Spirit Song

Jcc - What Shall We Say

Jdwb Band - Colorado Sky

Jeff Olson - To My Level

Jeff Olson - Until I Say Goodbye

Jeko - Baby On The Dock

Jeko - Let The Ocean Be Blue

Jeko - No Tail To Wag

Jeko - Walkin Man

Jeppe Aakjær - Sneflokke Kommer Vrimlende

Jerry Huffman - Whats Your Dream

Jimbielard - Soc Feliç

Joep Van Eijden - Be With You Somehow

John Elkins - You Turn

John Fox - Afscheidslied

John Meisel - Light

John Wiebe - Fearless

John Wiebe - Never Give Up

John Wiebe - Our Song

John Wiebe - Take Me

Johnnypowellooza - 1st World Problems

Jonathan Lindstrom - Perfect Love

Jonathan Sweetman - I'm Alive

Jono Peatman - Holy Water

Jordan Miller - Drive Through Town

Joseph Harris - Goin To See That Hurricane

Josiah Mozloom - Missing You

Jpulhotstuff1 - Untitled Project

Juan 5010 - Sofrito Mash-up

Julia Gustafsson - Just A Memory

Julia Melinda - Wondering

Julian Schickfluß - Kleiner Vogel

Juliette Gustafsson - Stranger

Justin Bieber Tribute Band - Whirlpool

Justin Matthews - Be Merry

Justin Matthews - In Passing

Justin Matthews - Sweet

Justin Stmichael - Anywhere I Go

Jvbucaoto - Time

Kaeru - Tak Pernah Milikku

Kaizaa - La Ist Überall

Karl Am Strand - Rgb

Kat Hunter - Family Affair

Katana Tolentino Kendal Ward - Tea Glass

Kate I Kiki - Bitch

Kavana - Will You Wait For Me

Keith Broyles - Forever Days

Keith Lintner - If You Dont Have A Good Day

Keithyb - Queen Of Beauty

Keithyb - Sixty Seven Chevrolet

Kelsie Michelle - Love Is Too Hard

Kenneth John Grand - Thank You

Keta Haru - Dharan

Kevin Van Arkel - 2011

Kg - Lullaby

Kinsale Social Club - Losing My Religion

Kirsten Roos - What If I Could

Kobe - See You Soon

Koike - Fasarahana

Kristófer Máni Olgeirsson - Mellow

Kuba Lelek - Sen

Kurbit - Cowboys

Kyrie - Alive

Lachlan Williams - Still In Love With You

Lachlan Williams - Strangers

Lana Sandanom - I Just Wanna Be

Laundromat - Love Song

Laurinlohr - Puzzle

Len Appleman - Itd Be A Shame If Something Happened To Harvey

Len Appleman - The Moustache Song

Lessons - Brian Davidson Fingerstyle Basics

Let Me Go

Lexi Lauren - World Without You

Life So Far - Manpower Staffing Agency Song 1999 (acoustic)

Lilla Fancher - Youth

Lisa Fearson - Run

Lisa Van Ginneken - Ebb And Flow

Lisa Van Ginneken - I Already Know

Lleonie - Something

Lleonie - When You Are By My Side

Lofasu - Je Brode

Lofasu - Je Ne Sais Pas

Lofasu - Valse À Léquinoxe

Long Haired Boy

Louisenhain - Geist Der Weihnachtszeit

Lucas Burnham - Shakespeare

Luke - Demo

Luke Simonds - The Man In Need

Mackenzie Caylor - Volunteer Appreciation Songs

Mackenzie Cummings - True Story

Maddy Grace - What You Made Me Do

Make Troubadour - Jos

Malaika Cooper - Three Years Ago


Marcello - Federica

Marianna Gattullo - My Saviour

Mario Kart Love Song Ukulele

Mark Munroe - Easy Street

Mark Munroe - The Girls We Love

Mark Munroe - The Shellbacks Lament

Mars - On White

Marshall - Country Songs

Mathias Connell - Sometimes

Mathilda H - I Wish

Matt Lecheler - Red Canoe

Max Also Queen - Bogsquadian Rhapsody

Max Evrard - Asdfghjk

Mc Laine And Daphna Sobko - Why Can't We Be Angels

Megan Pitman - I Tried

Melanie Rey - Brittney

Melanie Rey - Cool With You

Melanie Rey - Hurts Too

Melanie Rey - No Time

Melanie Rey - Running Back


Melvin Aline - One More Dance

Metz André - Alfreds Song

Metz André - Camino De Norte

Metz André - Du

Metz André - Pipsmaus Hat Heute Geburtstag

Metz André - Rock Am Ring

Metz André - Tschüss Hagemanns

Metz André - Ultreia

Micahld2000 - I Promise

Michael Carr - Legend

Michael Goodwin - October Blue

Michael Meade - My Girl Is Your Girl Now

Michael Meade - The Next Best Thing

Michael Occhionero - Punks On Junk

Mike B - Hey Gyp

Mike B - In My Mind All Day

Mike Hale - Live Like Mine (acoustic)

Mike Riva - Hallelujah Be Praised

Mikey Escobar - Fixed Fight

Mikey Escobar - Let Your Fire Fall

Mikey Escobar - Soldiers Of The King

Mila - Milas Song

Miriam Benthe - Foolish Kid

Misc Doodling

Mockers - Headspace

Monticola - To Me

Morbidquill - Hopeless Love

More Clocks Less Time

Mr Fossil - Sympathie Pour Le Diable

Musikläraren I Tvåan - På Ett Berg

Naomi Hiemstra - Als Jij Er Gewoon Nog Was

Naomi Hiemstra - Stupid School

Nemos Closet - Anything

Nicholas Garman - Worshipful Thanks

Nick - Forever

Nick Camryn - If You Were A Home

Nick Spletstoser - I Fought For You

Nick Tay - I'm Sorry

Nick Wild - Mine

Nikkie Jurnigan - Because Of You

Nineyards - Down The Drain

Noah Kelso - Home

Noot - Eeeee

Not Just Another Love Song

O Canada Ukulele

Old Town Road Dog Version

Ollie - Lost But Spirited

Once - Alexander

Oneman Coup - Together

Ophrie Bashan - The Rain

Paris Warner - Together

Paul Brady - Watching Listening

Peace Pirate - The Reaper

Peace Pirate - Way Of The Dark

Pete Garza - Damn Girl

Pete Garza - Kisses On Her Back-

Pete Garza - This First Time

Peter Morgan - Life On The Interstate

Peter Ward - A Cross In The Square

Peter Ward - A New Beginning

Peter Ward - Brixton Underground

Peter Ward - Cinque Cento

Peter Ward - Dont Worry My Friend

Peter Ward - Mad With Myself

Peter Ward - Not Today

Peter Ward - See You Later

Peter Ward - The Teacher

Phil Beach - Hallelujah To Your Name

Pieter Tijl - Het Kaklied

Pincher Street - Devil In Disguise

Promised Eden - Immun

Quilapayún - Us The Lovers

R Rafaëlis And Oluf Ring - Oles Nye Autobil

Ragon Linde - Anthropocene

Ragon Linde - Nb

Ragon Linde - Suspended

Ragon Linde - Unfalling The Stars

Ragon Linde - Violence

Ragon Linde - Your First Ocean

Random Blues Lick I Made Up

Rationale - Zambezi

Ray Porter - Back To The 60s

Ray Porter - Being An Alcoholic

Ray Porter - Call Me

Ray Porter - Destiny

Ray Porter - Far From Me

Ray Porter - George Galloway

Ray Porter - I Hate You

Ray Porter - I Know That I'm The Same Sometimes

Ray Porter - I Love You

Ray Porter - I Luv U

Ray Porter - If I Could Be A Boy Again

Ray Porter - Interesting Girl

Ray Porter - Its A Beautiful World

Ray Porter - John Lennons Rock And Roll

Ray Porter - Let It Go

Ray Porter - Let It Snow

Ray Porter - Living Within Your Song

Ray Porter - Look For God

Ray Porter - Love Is A Disease

Ray Porter - My Bluest Love

Ray Porter - My Love For You

Ray Porter - No Getting Over You

Ray Porter - Plant A Flower

Ray Porter - Railway Children

Ray Porter - Stan

Ray Porter - Sunday Afternoon

Ray Porter - Taking A Pill

Ray Porter - Talk To Me

Ray Porter - Tanya

Ray Porter - Temperature Drop

Ray Porter - The Nightingale Sings Its Tune

Ray Porter - The Youth Will Save The World

Ray Porter - Theres A Story

Ray Porter - To Be That Girl

Ray Porter - Together

Ray Porter - Tracy

Ray Porter - Tribal People

Ray Porter - What Is The Point In Life

Ray Porter - When Children Rule The World

Raye Sashay - Song For Chika

Raymond Hogue - The Miracle

Rice Giraffe - Perfect

Richard Fryer -beguiling Woman

Rihanna - We Found Love Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody Mashup

Rise Youth Band Fixing You

Rita Starpattern - Foulk Road

Rob Carroll - Just Because Its Christmas

Rob Lever - Any Other Day Would Melt My Soul

Rob Lever - Love Review

Rob Lever - Lovers For The Weekend

Rob Lever - Seraphine

Rob Lever - The Deepest Sea

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - 420

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Am I Cool Enough For You Yet

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Australia Baccinalia

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Barbara Bush Had A Really Fine Tush

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Beetlejuice The Ghost With The Most

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Bicycle Day

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Dang Bbq Now

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Darryl Cochran Hes Got No Cock Man

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - David Why

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Everything Is Better With A Butt Flap

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Freight Train

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Happy Birthday Jimmy

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Happy Birthday To The Sis I Miss

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Happy Cinco De Mayo

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - I Need To Bury Birdie

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - I Never Thought Id Feel This Way Again

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - I Think My Friend Is Going Crazy

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Keonis Alive

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Kicked Out Of The Bar

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Nyc Music Connect Douchenozzles

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Officer Dickhead

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Plainview Bowl

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Pot Pie

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Rotary Motion

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Thank You Keelie For The Lighter

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - The Ballad Of Verne Troyer

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - The Legendary Thinker

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Timmy Simpson

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - Who Wants To Play With My Gaping Hole

Robb Frost The Hobo Rockstar - You Better Listen To Me Bitch

Robbie Nol - Hey-hiya

Rodney Henson - Single By Saturday Night

Ronaswara - Tunduk

Ross Lee - Blue