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Gas Men - Stacking It(Chords)

Misc Your Songs

Key: Dm

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Verse 1:

Dm Am C7 C7sus4 C7 G F C I went for a midnight ride on my bike with no lights and I G couldn?t see. Dm Am C7 C7sus4 C7 G F The moon was a sliver and thick mist from the river and the black of C G the road set me free


F C Am Em F C But I got distracted by sparkling fields shining in the moonlight G round me
F C G And I realised who I am F C G And I always know where I am

Verse 2:

Dm Am C7 G F I missed a bend in the road , went straight through a bush and C G headfirst into a tree Dm Am C7 C7sus4 C7 F I lay there distracted feeling no pain, and saw a smile C G on the face of the moon F C F C F I stayed there a while looking up at the sky I heard the universe C G pulsing its tune Am Em F C Csus4 I left my body behind, rose out and above felt my soul melt G into the whole


Am Em F C syncing, unfolding expanding, vibrating, Am G F C Am G I became the hum, the throbbing heartbeat, free of meaning, in F C time and in tune.
F Am G And I realised what I am F C G And I always knew who I am

Verse 3:

Am Em F C Am There was nothing but bliss, no river, no road, nor mountains, nor Em C F G people, everything fell into one. F C G We are all just parts of the whole. F C G And I realised what I am F C G And Ive always known who I am F C G And Id forgot who I am

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