Max Stalling

Max Stalling


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Travelin Lite

Bass Run

Bathwater Baby

Blue Eyes

Come Around

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Ain't Fallin In Love With You Tonight

Bass Run

Bathwater Baby

Blue Eyes

Come Around

Comfort In The Curves

Cowboy From Catarina

Fermented Evenings

From Dancing To A Waltz

Girl By The Lake

Green Lights

Heat Of The Wide Afternoon

I Ain't Drinking Alone


Lay My Burdens Down

Look In My Past

Might Have Been In Austin


One Of The Ways

Probably Corsicana

Runnin Buddy

Runnin' Buddy

Scars And Souvenirs

Simple Girl


Tadpoles And Eagles

The Beatles And The Thunder

The Pila Song

The Rock Song

These Reminders

These Things I Dont Dare

These Things That I Don't Dare

Times Hand In Your Pocket

Topaz City

Travelin Lite

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