Gene Clark

Gene Clark


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Train Leaves Here This Morning


The Radio Song

Keep On Pushin

Shes The Kind Of Girl

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After The Storm

American Dreamer

Are We Still Making Love

Because Of You

Blue Raven

Bowed My Head Cried Holy

Carry On


Couldnt Believe Her

Crazy Ladies

Dangerous Games

Dark of my Moon

Day For Night

Del Gato

Denver or Wherever

Dont Come Rollin

Dragon's Eye


Four Walls

Full Circle Song

Give My Love To Marie

Gypsy Rider

Here Tonight

Here Without You

I Don't Wanna see You Anymore

I Found You

If You Could Read My Mind

In A Misty Morning

In The Pines

Is Yours Is Mine

Jokers Are Wild


Keep On Pushin

Life And Times

Lifes Greatest Fool

Little Mama

Look Who's Missing You

Love Wins Again

Lovers Turnaround

Made For Love

Mary Sue


More Than That Now

Needing Someone

No Longer Sweetheart Mine

Nothin' But an Angel

Number One Is To Survive

Only Colombe

Out On The Side

Past My Door

Pledge To You

Rest of Your Life

Rodeo Rider

Roll In My Sweet Babys Arm

Roll In My Sweet Babys Arms

Shades Of Blue

She Darked The Sun

Shes The Kind Of Girl

Shooting Star

Silent Crusade

Silver Raven

Sister Moon

Sleep Will Return

Something About You Baby

Somethings Wrong

Somewhere After Midnight

Straight From The Heart

That's Alright By Me

The Daylight Line

The Drifter

The French Girl

The Panther

The Radio Song

The Rain Song

The Same One

The Virgin

Think Im Gonna Feel Better

Through The Morning Through The Night

Train Leaves Here This Morning

Washington Square

What Is Meant Will Be

Wheel Of Time

Where My Love Lies Asleep

White Light

Why Did You Leave Me Today

Why Not Your Baby

With Tomorrow

Without You

You And I

You Better Move On

You Say You Lost Your Baby

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