Gene Clark

Please Mr. Freud(Chords)

Gene Clark

Key: A

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	        Intro A  Bm  D   
      A  Bm  D  A  

A                    Bm      
Last night I dreamed I dreamed a scene 

D             A 
So complicated 
A                                     Bm 
There were rooms and rooms and people staring at me 
D                A 
  But none related 
    Bm                          A 
A preacher in a black robe was there 
        Bm                           F#m 
But he didn't preach a word he just stared 
        Bm                      D   
He kneeled upon a book like he cared 
F#m                    E   A  
To show me he was prepared 
A                                  Bm 
So I walked downstairs Where I can clearly hear 
D                 A 
  A band was steaming 
     A                            Bm 
They had hair to their feet an electrical beat 
D                        A 
  And one of them was screaming 
     Bm                               A 
The floor was so crowded folks were choking 
    Bm                               F#m 
I turned to several windows that were broken 
    Bm                          D          B 
And the cops came in without a token they said 
                              E  A  E                    
'Someone here's been smoking' 
      A                        Bm 
I ran into the street caught a bus took a seat 
D                 A 
  And started reading 
   A                       Bm 
It was typical news The headlines read Agnews 
D                 A 
  Hairline is receding 
        Bm                    A 
Then I realized that it was snowing 
        Bm                            F#m 
I was on a bus and didn't know where I was going 
        Bm                 D 
The midnight movie started showing 
       F#m            E     A E A E 
And my mind started blowing 

( A  Bm  D  A ) 
( Bm  D  A  Bm ) 
( A  Bm  F#m ) 
( Bm  D  F#m  B  E ) 

    A                   Bm 
Now please Mr. Freud my mind is destroyed 
D                       A                     
  And what can you tell me 
    A                                  Bm 
I'm trying hard to wake up Before the national guard 
D                  A 
  Get's here to expel me 
Bm                          A 
Things are confused and uptight 
Bm                         F#m 
I just saw Karl Marx on my ride 
Bm                                    D 
It's springtime but there isn't any light 
          F#m       B   Em   E 
And what was black now is white 

Oh yeah 

Final A  Bm  D  A  
      Bm  D  A  Bm  
      A  Bm  F#m  
      Bm  D  F#m  B  E

Written by Gene Clark

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