Billy Joe Shaver

Billy Joe Shaver


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Black Rose

I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal

Live Forever

Live Forever Correct

Aint No God In Mexico

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A Restless Wind

Ain't No God In Mexico

Aint No God In Mexico

America You Re My Woman

America, You're My Woman

Aunt Jessie's Chicken Farm

Billy B Damned

Billy B. Damned

Black Rose

Bottom Dollar

Chicken On The Ground

Comin On Strong

Comin' On Strong

Down The Road By The Way


Fit To Kill And Going Out In Style

Freedom's Child

Fun While It Lasted

Georgia On A Fast Train

Get Thee Behind Me Satan

Going Crazy In 3-4 Time

Good News Blues

Gypsy Boy

Hard Workin Man

Hardworkin Man

Heart Of Texas

Heart To Heart

Hill Country Love Song

Hold On To Yours (and I'll Hold On To Mine)

Honey Chile

Honky Tonk Heroes

Hottest Thing In Town

I Changed My Mind

I Don't Seem To Fit Anywhere

I'm Going Crazy In 3/4 Time

I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal

If I Give My Soul

If The Trailer's Rockin' Don't Come Knockin'

It Just Ain't There For Me No More

Jesus Christ Is Still The King

Lately I Been Leanin' T'ward The Blues

Leavin' Amarillo

Light A Candle For Me

Live Forever

Live Forever 2

Live Forever Correct

Livin' A Lovin' Lie

Love Is So Sweet

Love Till Cows Come Home

Love You Till The Cows Come Home

Manual Labor

New York City

Oklahoma Wind

Old Five And Dimers Like Me

People And Their Problems

Ragged Old Truck

Ride Me Down Easy

Sail Of My Soul

Silver Wings Of Time

Slim Chance & The Can't Hardly Playboys

Stayed Too Long At Fair

Sweet Mama

Sweet Melody

Texas Uphere Tennessee

That's What She Said Last Night

The Devil Made Me Do It The First Time

The Git Go

The Good Lord Knows I Tried

The Real Deal

There's No Fool Like An Old Fool

Tramp On Your Street

Try, Try Again



We Stayed Too Long At The Fair

West Texas Waltz

When I Get My Wings

When The Fallen Angels Fly

When The Word Was Thunderbird

When Word Was Thunderbird

Why The Man In Black Sings The Blues

Woman Is The Wonder Of The World

Woman Is Wonder Of World

Yester Tomorrow Was Today

Yesterday Tomorrow Was Today

You Just Can't Beat Jesus Christ

You Oughta Be With Me When I'm Alone

You're Too Much For Me