Billy Joe Shaver

Black Rose(Chords)

Billy Joe Shaver

Key: A

A               D 
Way down in Virginia 
            A               E 
'mongst the tall grown sugarcane 
        A                D 
Lived a simple man and a dominacre hen 
      E                   A 
And a rose of a different name 

Well the first time I felt lightnin' 
I was standin' in the drizzlin' rain 
With a tremblin' hand and a bottle of gin 
And a rose of a different name 

A D The devil made me do it the first time A E The second time I done it on my own A D Lord put a handle on this simple-headed man E A Help me leave that black rose alone
SOLO When the devil made that woman Lord he threw the pattern away 'Cause she were built for speed with the tools you need To make a new fool every day Now way down deep and dirty On the darkest side of shame You'll find this cane-cuttin' man a-doin' it again With that rose of a different name CHORUS (2x)

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