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Canção Da Tempestade (song Of Storm) - Adaptação

Song Of Storms

Sheik's Theme


All songs

5 Oot - Kakariko Village

Canção Da Tempestade (song Of Storm) - Adaptação

Canção Da Zelda



Four Swords - Sword Formation Training

Majora's Mask - Song Of Double Time

Majora's Mask - Stone Tower Temple

Majora's Mask - Tatl And Tael Meet Again

Olhar Meus Olhos

Oracle Of Ages - Lynna City (presente)

Oracle Of Ages - Sadness

Oracle Of Seasons - Horon Village

Oracle Of Seasons - Inside The Houses

Oracle Of Seasons - Windmill

Phantom Hourglass - Linebeck's Theme

Saria's Song

Sem Você

Sheik's Theme

Song Of Storms

Song Of Time

Temple Of Time Theme Oot

The Minish Cap - Droplets Temple

The Minish Cap - Introduction

The Minish Cap - Vaati's Origins

Zelda 5 Oot - A Storm In The Desert

Zelda 5 Oot - Court Yard

Zelda 5 Oot - Deku Tree's Last Words

Zelda 5 Oot - End Credits

Zelda Theme

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