Misc Originals

Oscar Warrenfield - Razor Blades(Ukulele chords)

Misc Originals

Key: Am

Verse 1:

Fmaj7 Eyes are damp as arms are bleeding E He wears a long-sleeved shirt, to keep people from seeing E7 He knew his act would never last Am But now someone can see right past

Verse 2:

Dm The walls he built are falling down now E All that he can do is frown Am As the control he held now fades to null E And all the people, back at school will now Dm The razor blades he held so near G7 Will now be the cause of his broken will
End Fmaj7 He hits the ground and no sobs are heard and Em His want to die has lost the meaning of word Am E And he is better now. Until he wasn't. Am I'm fine.

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