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Hannah Stokes - Within The Year(Ukulele chords)

Misc Originals

Key: G

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G B7 Cmaj7/G Em11 2x 

Verse 1:

G B7 I woke up this morning needing to know if you're alive Cmaj7/G Em11 I keep having dreams about us, the acid uncertainty of you and I G B7 You make me feel so proud of myself, I don't think you understand Cmaj7/G Em11 I've never felt more real than when you said you wanna hold my hand G B7 You see, you talk to me about chemistry and I make sure to look like Iím listening, Cmaj7/G Em11 but I love you I love you I love you is the only thing that Iím whispering G B7 Praying hard that you donít hear me, praying harder that you do Cmaj7/G Em11 Oh please oh please don't tell me that she's your someone new
G B7 Cmaj7/G Em11

Verse 2:

G B7 My eyes sting from the ash left behind by your destruction Cmaj7/G Em11 But the thing is, I was the bomb who shook you down to your foundation G B7 I look you in the eyes, stained glass windows shattered into shards Cmaj7/G Em11 This love used to be a home before it was a scattered house of cards Gmaj7 Gmin7 They remind me of the sky, your eyes, right before it starts to break Cmaj7/G Cmin7 They remind me of the day when we left it up to fate G B7 You said to look at me was fire, to be without me was to freeze Cmaj7/G Em11 It's hard to know if you love someone when your arms are growing weak, please

Verse 3:

G B7 I think I'd give almost anything to wake up next to you again Cmaj7/G Em11 Your warm hands on my cold shoulders, the sweetest way I know to begin G B7 But the truth is you are leaving, leaving behind a version of yourself Cmaj7/G Em11 For me to hold and to remember and finally, to put onto a shelf G B7 I don't know if it was worth it, mistakes are things you should regret Cmaj7/G Em11 But I know I'll always remember the day you chose to forget
Outro G B7 Cmaj7/G Em11 (solos until end)
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