Max Stalling

Runnin Buddy(Keyboard chords)

Max Stalling

Key: Em

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	        by Max Stalling 
from the album 'Wide Afternoon' 
Transcribed by Thomas Faulkenberry 
Note:  The strum at the first of the song is the following.  If you need  
clarification, use that as an excuse to buy this CD.  It is excellent!! 
Em                    A              D 
It's fifty miles from Leakey down to Hondo 
        Em                     A                   D 
There's no straight shot, the roads all twist and turn 
Em             A            D 
Another forty-five on into San Antone 
         Em         A                D 
Seems a long way to go for just one girl 
He pulls up Monday morning, puts his window down 
Grins and tells me to breathe in deep 
Her perfume still lingers from their last date 
Says he late for work, leaves me standing in the street 
He's taken to wearing starched shirts, and his boots stay shined 
He keeps that old truck neat as a pin 
Her picture gazes down from his visor 
At an empty dash where a spit cup should've been 
G A D Hey runnin' buddy, what'll you say to a twelve pack G A D Hey runnin' buddy, whatcha say to settin' some lines G A D Bm Hey runnin' buddy, don't you remember the good times we had G A D Before you hooked up with that San Antonio girl.
(REPEAT INTRO) I've known Jimmy Wayne since the second grade When his mom and him moved in from Copperas Cove We've always chased the girls down in Uvalde Don't see why he needs him one in San Antone On the first date, they went dancing at a VFW A rough spot for such a cultured pearl She matched him beer for beer, and she could polka So he fell in love with that San Antonio girl (repeat chorus) (INSTRUMENTAL SOLO) Well we never go drink beer like we used to Road hunt, shoot signs, or shoot the breeze Every weekend he loads up and goes to see her I guess that old gal's just way more fun than me It's a long way from Leakey to San Antonio No straight shot, the roads all twist and bend Maybe come next Friday, I'll ride with him See if she has got some San Antonio friends (alternate chorus) Hey runnin' buddy, what'll you say to a twelve pack Hey runnin' buddy, whatcha say to runnin' some lines (on the girls from San Antone) Hey runnin' buddy, wait'll you see the good times we'll have When we both hook up with San Antonio girls (repeat alternate chorus) (REPEAT INTRO)

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