Kate Wolf

Kate Wolf


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Across The Great Divide

Green Eyes

Peaceful Easy Feeling

The Old Street Singer

Everybodys Looking For The Same Thing

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A Friend You Can Count On

Aces Straights And Flushes

Across The Great Divide

All He Ever Saw Was You

Although Ive Gone Away

Amazed To Find

Baby Is It Just In Case

Bird On A Wire

Blank Pages

Boy From Oklahoma


Brother Warrior

Cable Car Cowboy

Carry It On

Carry Me Away

Changing Of The Road

Chase The Morning Sun

Clearing In The Forest

Cornflower Blue

Crying Shame

Desert Wind

Early Morning Melody

Emma Rose

Esp If I Ever Needed A Friend

Everybodys Looking For The Same Thing

Eyes Of A Painter

Far-off Shore

Feel So Good Inside

Fly Away

Friend Of Mine

Full Time Woman

Golden Harmony

Goodbye Babe

Great Love Of My Life

Green Eyes

Hold On To Me Babe

Hurry Home

I Dont Know Why

I Had A Good Father And Mother

I Never Knew My Father

I'm Hurting Since You Went Away

In China Or A Womans Heart

It Aint In The Wine

Jenny Wind


Lay Me Down Easy

Legend In His Time

Life Could Be So Easy

Like A River

Lines On The Paper

Links In The Chain

Live And Learn

Lonesome And Restless

Looking Back At You

Love Still Remains

Medicine Wheel

Midnight Flyer

Midnight Star

Monday In The Mountains

New Day Coming

North Main Street

Oklahoma Going Home

Old And Lonely Sound

Old Jerome

One By One

Peace Carol

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Picture Puzzle

Pirates In The Wind

Poets Heart

Red Mountain Ranch

Riding In The Country

Rising Of The Moon

Rock Salt And Nails

Safe At Anchor

See Here She Said

September Song

Shadow Of A Life

She Rises Like The Dolphin


Sitting On The Porch

Some Kind Of Love

Springfield Mountain Coal Miner

Statues Made Of Clay

Stone In The Water

Streets Of Calgary

Sweet Love


Tequila And Me

The Ballad Of Weaverville

The Old Street Singer

The Trumpet Vine

The Wind Blows Wild

Theres Lots I Could Have Told Her

These Times Were Living In

Traveling Day

Two-way Waltz

Unfinished Life

We Were Strangers

Were Going To A Wedding Day

You're Not Standing Like You Used To

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