Heavy Metal

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Glory To The Brave

Dreams Come True

Always Will Be

At The End Of The Rainbow

Hectors Hymn

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I want out Cover Helloween

A legend Reborn

Always Will Be

At The End Of The Rainbow

At the End of the Raiwbow

Back to back

Between Two Worlds

Blood Bound

Blood Bound(Solo)

Child of The Damne

Crimson Thunder

Destined For Glory


Dreams Come True

Eternal Dark

Fury Of The Wild

Glory To The Brave


Hearts on Fire

Hectors Hymn

Heeding the Call

Heeding The Call (solo)

Hero`s Return


In Memoriam

Last Man Standing Afinação Padrão

Legacy of Kings

Let The Hammerfall

Man On The Silver Mountain

Navigate The Seas Of The Sun

Never, Ever

När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn

One More Time

Patient Zero


Remember yesterday


Riders of the Storm

Second To One


Stone Cold

Stronger than all

Templars of Steel

The Champion

The Dragon Lies Bleeding

The Fallen One

The Metal Age

The Way of the Warrior

Warriors of faith

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