Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand

Rock'n Roll

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Walk Away

This Fire

Take Me Out

Katherine Kiss Me

Leaving My Old Life Behind

All songs

40 Ft

Anyone In Love

Auf Achse

Auf Asche

Bite Hard

Brief Encounters


Can't Stop Feeling

Cheating On You

Come on home

Darts Of Pleasure

Do You Wanna

Do you want to

Don't Start

Eleanor put those boots back on

Eleanor Put Your Boots On

Erdbeer Mund

Evil And Heathen

Evil Eye

Fade together

Fade Togethet


Fallen (acoustic)

Feel The Love Go

Fresh Strawberries

Ghost In A Ditch

Goodbye Lovers And Friends

Huck And Jim

I'm Your Villain

Im your vilain/intro

I`m your villain


Jeremy freiser

Katherine Kiss Me

L wells/intro

Leaving My Old Life Behind

Live Alone



No You Girls


Paper Cages

Right Action

Shopping For Blood

Stand On The Horizon

Take Me Out

Take Me Out ( Main Riff )

Take Me Out (com letra)

Take Me Out (complete With Bass)

Tell Her Tonight

The Academy Award

The Dark Of The Matinee

The Dark Side Of The Matinee

The Universe Expanded

This Boy

This Fire

Treason Animals

Twinlight Omens


Walk Away

Well That Was Easy

What you meaning/acoustic

What You Waiting For

Wine In The Afternoon

Words so leisured

You Could Have It So Much Better

You Never Go Out Anymore

Your Diary