Emmanuel(Ukulele chords)


Key: C

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	        C			 F    G    C 
Though the storms of life may swell 
F	 F    G    C 
You will be Emmanuel 
C		F   G   C 
Ever present ever near 
F			F   G   C 
Perfect love to cast out fear 

F	C 		G 
Lo behold this soul has found 
 F 	 C		G 
My death my shame lie in the ground 
 F	 C		G   		Am 
No more to bind this ransomed heart 
You died for me 
You died for me 

Fortune is no friend of mine 
Earthly treasures pass me by 
But my reward shall always be 
To walk with You and You with me 

F     Am	C	       G 
Emmanuel, God with us, here with us 
F   	Am	C		G 
Emmanuel, Prince of peace, Son of God.. 


 F      G F     G   F      G  F      G 
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel
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