The Wombats

Wired Differently(Ukulele chords)

The Wombats

Key: C

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	        verse 1 

Some like to go 
To Tenerife for at least a week 
        G                  ( C )      F 
Buy the Atoll package and flirt with strangers out at the beach 
( G )         C 
Some stay at home 
And hammer their insides just because 
       G       C 
Loosen up now, honey 

We're a match made in hell 
They're a roll of the dice 
He's not coming out the closet 
She'd try anything twice 

C ( G ) C And nobody's perfect F Nobody's perfect G ( C ) F Though some, some people get close C Some people get close
verse 2 F Close enough for cigars and jazz G I'm so far removed F ( Dm ) ( G ) I can't see the trees for the broken plants C Come hop aboard F The tragical misery tour G And loosen up now, honey Pre-Chorus C Dm Who cares if she likes the girls Or if he likes the boys Or why they like to judge Or why some just use toys
C ( G ) C When nobody's perfect F Nobody's perfect G ( Am ) F Though some, some people get close Am ---------- G C F---------- Some people get close
BRIDGE Am C G C F---------- And I think you should know F I think you should know ( G ) F That last night I drunk dialled a friend of a friend Dm And went smoking inside petrol stations again C Gets me off G ( C ) It really gets me off F Now anxiety's serving us drinks at the bar Dm We're two treehuggers trapped in a muscle car C That's enough for me, G That's enough G Oh, but if that storm comes in the bottle, let's meet F Don't go spilling your guts out on Harley street C G C Cos nobody's perfect F Nobody's perfect G ( C ) F C# Though some, some people get close C Don't tell me I'm flawed ( G ) My flaws don't deserve it C F Don't sell us your cures F We're sick and we're worth it G ( Am ) F I spend my life in transit though you're stationary C G F I guess we're all wired different---------ly F C G I guess we're wired different---------ly Dm F If you're so very clever C G F How come you can't see-------? F babe, we're wired differently

Written by The Wombats

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