The Willis Clan

Fair Weather Love(Ukulele chords)

The Willis Clan

Key: F

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 F                G       
Change is in the air 
Everyone prepare 
I see it the way youâ??re standing there 
 F              G       
You believe in fate 
Never one to wait 
 F                               G         
No one ever knows till itâ??s too late 
I have learned to see 
           C     G        
Youâ??re no guarantee 

F Fair weather love C G C You will come and youâ??ll grow G In troubled times F C No surprise that I donâ??t know F Come with the shine C G Youâ??ll be mine until the snow F Fair weather love D2 C You will fade before you go
F G Standing in the sun F Heavenâ??s just begun C Never would you ever turn to run G But youâ??re about to go F You wonder how I know C G/D A stormy day will make your colors show F It wonâ??t be long before C G You wonâ??t want me anymore Chorus

Written by The Willis Clan

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