The Oh Hellos

Thus Always To Tyrants(Ukulele chords)

The Oh Hellos

Key: C

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Capo on 3rd fret


C                  F             C            F 
Let me die, let me drown, lay my bones in the ground 
C                  F              C                  F (strum once) 
I will still come around when the time for sleep is through 
C                F                C           F 
Over hill, over dale, through the valley and vale 
C                   F           C              F (once) 
Do not weep, do not wail, I am coming home to you 

(little riffs) 

C                  F             C               F 
Every tomb, every sea, spit the bones from your teeth 
C                    F             C            F 
Let the ransomed be free as the revel meets the day 
C                  F             C            F 
Let the valleys awake, let them rattle and shake 
C                  F               C            F 
In the wind that remakes all that time has worn away 

(little riffs, then get louder) 

To and fro, I will not follow 
Where you go, I will not also 
C F 

C                 F        C             F 
I will look for you as the sun rises higher 
C                      F          C            F 
When the dry bones dance with the timbrel and lyre 
C                  F             C   F 
There's a wind alive in the valley 
C                     F            C       F 
It will fill your lungs, if you'll have it 

Where I go, will you still follow? 
Will you leave your shaded hollow? 
Will you greet the daylight looming, 
Learn to love without consuming? 

Written by Maggie Heath/Tyler Heath

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