The New Amsterdams

Stand Here And Bleed(Ukulele chords)

The New Amsterdams

Key: C

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Intro (2x) 

C G Em C 
C G D 
C             G                  Em            C 
  You might deserve it, it's the sentiment you keep 
C                G               D 
  You might need karma where you go 
C             G                  Em              C 
  There is no blood left in your little heart to beat, 
C        G            D 
  Steady rhythm as it flows 
Am               C              G         Em 
  The longest of days, remember always goodnight 

Am                           D 
  Might seem funny in a year, today I want to die 

Repeat Intro (2x) 
C G Em C 
C G D 

C         G              Em                  C 
  You got money, you got better friends than me 
C          G             D 
  That's a compliment to keep 
C          G             Em           C 
  On the veranda as you look over the sea 

C                G          D 
  You're just as pitiful as me 

Am                C                  G         Em 
  The hardest of nights, the painful bright lights 
Am                 D 
  But I won't make a scene 
                      C G Em 
  I'll stand here and bleed 
                    C G D 
  Stand here and bleed 

Am C G

Written by Matthew Pryor

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