The Lumineers

Sick In The Head(Ukulele chords)

The Lumineers

Key: C

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Capo on 7th fret

Riff 1 - plays throughout whole song except last two lines where riff two is played 
e |-------------------------------------| 
B |-------------------------------------| 
G |-------------------------------------| 
D |--2-2-3----0-0-2------------2--------| 
A |-------------------0-0-2-------------| 
E |-------------------------------------| 

Riff 2 - plays during the last two lines before the fade out 'i will not live life  
underneath it all...let's just make this count a lot in here' 
e |-------------------------------------| 
B |-------------------------------------| 
G |--0----------------------------------| 
D |----3-2----------------------2---0---| 
A |---------0-2-3-----------2-3---3---3-| 
E |---------------3-1---1-3-------------| 

The first two verses have chords changes that happen when no lyrics are sung. 
Listen to the song for timing. 
Intro: C C F People say I'm no good G C Write me off, oh yes they should Am B C Fuck 'em they're just sick in the head C F They're writing my history G C Am B Think somebody should've asked me C Everyone was safe in their beds C Their beds And I said C F G C I won't live, won't live like them A B C Everyone, they're all seeing red C F I don't know G C A B If it's alright with you, but I'll be gone C A ghost will be here in my stead, my stead C And I said Bridge (Riff 2 plays during these two lines) F C G Am G F I can't live life underneath it all Am B C G C Everyone is older now and gone F C G Am G F I will not be here forever dear Am B C G C So let's just make this count a lot in here Outro C F G C Am B C x4 or fade out

Written by Jeremiah Fraites/Wesley Schultz

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