The Love Language

Wilmont(Ukulele chords)

The Love Language

Key: D

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	        Intro: D A G Bm x2 

D              A                  G 
    You made a foolish offer 
I met you in between 
D                A                    G 
    What doesn't make you softer 
Can only make you mean 

      D               G 
And I want you to be aware of me  
       D                    Bm 
'Cause I got a big heart to feed 
There was ringing in my ears 
         G                  D A G Bm 
Though I heard no melody 

D A G Bm 

D                A                  G 
    Tore a page from your diary 
Put it on the windowsill 
D                A                   G 
    To trace the lilacs blooming 
But none of them could stay still 

        D          G 
And you want me to haunt you 
    D                          Bm 
But you started sprouting your wings 
I could lie to love you 
    G                         D A G Bm 
But my mockingbird's gonna sing 

D A G Bm 

D                  A                   G 
     We'll want to cast salvation 
That only love can inspire 
D              A                G 
    But all of our creation 
Got lost in a fire 

       D               G 
And at last, I've gone crazy 
    D                       Bm 
But I'm gonna bring 'em all down 
Like a cat on my tongue 
       G                            D 
When I heard you were back in town 

D A G Bm x6

Written by Stuart McLamb

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