The Bear Quartet

Boss Dawn(Ukulele chords)

The Bear Quartet

Key: E

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E                         A   
  I'm stuck awake another night 
          E                   A 
  so I go out where there's a light 
          B                         C#m 
  and the trucks the trains and the sirens 
          B           C#m 
  traffic through the silence 
             F#m       A 
  there's so many ways out of here 

E                   A 
  so dream on cross yawn 
    E               A 
  dream of someone good 
      B                  C#m 
  something I never understood 
  as I catch the breeze 
  try to hang on 
               E                    A 
  to a part of life where I don't belong 
B    C#m  F#m        A 
  outside, there's a light
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