Slick Shoes

Hide And Seek(Ukulele chords)

Slick Shoes

Key: D

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D A Bm G  D  A/C# (x3) 
D A Bm G  D  G 

verse 1: 
D        A/C# 
  I have noticed things 
 Bm         A G D 
about myself     It 
seems they never stay 
under the rug I've 
A             G D 
swept them too   I 
don't know how I 
have gone on for 
   A   G D 
so long   If only 
I could hide 
them some place 
they would stay 

D     A        Bm 
  And all this time 
G     D    A/C# 
I was wrong       
D A        Bm 
  You have been 
      G     D  G 
there every day 
D   A     Bm 
  I never gave the 
G      D 
credit that was 
A/C# D A    Bm 
due     And hiding 
   G       D  G 
is not the way 

D Bm I don't need to A focus on what has D passed My life Bm will not be hide A D and seek But I Bm will seek the A truth in all D Bm I do In every A trial I face
Interlude: D E (x3) D Outro: D Bm I'll seek the truth D Bm D I'll seek the truth
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