Shaun Jacobs

Love Can(Ukulele chords)

Shaun Jacobs

Key: G

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G C Love can cross borders and love can break walls E D Love can unbind us, love can define us G C Love can see through what our eyes can't undo E D Love got me thinking love can do anything
- verse 1 G Take my hand C It's not that we're lost E D G C We're just plotting a different course than we initially thought C We are free D We're on our knees G C Put your hand in mine E D G We'll make it in time you'll see - Chorus - verse 2 G Come with me C We'll find what's in store E D G C E For the heart that is bursting, the soul that is thirsting for more C We are free D Come and see G C E D G We'll make it in time, we'll find everything we need - Chorus
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