Second To Last

Where The Pavement Ends(Ukulele chords)

Second To Last

Key: C

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Intro: C Em D (3x)

         G                    C 
When the days are the hardest part 
Hoping that car wont start 
        D            C 
Ran the four closure sign 
It is there to remind 

That we're not invincible  
                    Em     D 
Some things are out of our control 
We've lost control 

            Em D C 
Still going on 
            Em D C      D 
Still going strong 

G Em C Hanging on, a frame to let go G Em C Of everything that, you once knew Em D C and its hard, yeah i know its hard
Verse: G C Lets leave this place, where the smoke blows crack Em Lets never come back D C Where there's not silver and gold G Ignore the lies we've been told C Cause its been said before Em That i'll never make it i swore D C Myself for a better life in the end I swore myself a better life Em D C (4x)
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