Sarah Vaughan

I Was Telling Him About You(Ukulele chords)

Sarah Vaughan

Key: D
   D7M         E7      C#7                F#m 
My arms were around him,   my eyes were aglow 
D9             E7/9-        C#m5-/7     F#7     
The moment was tender, the music was low 
D9    Bm5-/7         E7/13   Fdim  A7M   C#7         F#7   
  But while we were dancing          I think you should know 
       D9        Bm5-/7    Fdim E7/13 
I was telling him     about    you 
   D7M          E7      C#7              F#m 
He kept coming closer,   the magic was there 
D9               E7/9-        C#m5-/7        F#7     
   He wore an expression that made people stare 
D9    Bm5-/7     E7/13  Fdim  A7M    C#7 F#7   
  It looked so romantic, but Darling, I swear 
      D9          Bm5-/7  Fdim E7 
I was telling him        about you 


Cdim Dm7 G C7M Am7 When you passed by, and caught my eye Dm7 Fdim E7/9- C7M You didn't say a word Em7 B7 Emsus B5+ You turned about and walked right out D9 Bm5-/7 E7 D9 E7 And the silence was the loudest I've ever heard D7M E7 C#7 F#m Come back to me, Darling, I must make you see D9 E7/9- C#m5-/7 F#7 That things aren't always what they seem to be D9 Bm5-/7 Fdim A7M C#7 F#7 The boy in my arms meant nothing to me D9 Bm5-/7 E7 A I was telling him about you

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