Radical Face

Servants And Kings(Ukulele chords)

Radical Face

Key: G#

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Capo on 1st fret

A                  D         E             F#m 
Through rolling hills and many miles of blood 
   A            D            E                   F#m 
We slept in the rainfall and marched through the mud 
    A        D        E          F#m 
And you were not like anyone I'd known 
    A            D           E          F#m 
You spoke with impunity, had nothing to atone 

   A     E            F#m              D 
In quiet evenings you told me what you thought about 
A             D             E          F#m 
Servants and kings and how everyone is bought 
        A         E        F#m           D 
And how no one's hands are bloodier than God's 
A     D                   E          A 
And I won't be judged for doing as I ought 


             D        E              F#m 
It's hard to say just when I fell in love 
      A       D           E          F#m 
There was no epiphany, no light from above 
    A       D       E             F#m 
But you'd become my candle in the dark 
    A                D                 E                F#m 
And all through that hell you were the shield across my heart 

     A       E             F#m               D 
When all was fire, and the weather's out for blood 
        A               D                    E               F#m 
And the boys, still too young to drink, were drowned in the flood 
    A         E              F#m             D 
I'd hear you laughing as I'd come on out for air 
A       D                  E               A  
And I'd laugh with you, pretending that we care 

A  Dsus4 D  A Dsus4 D 

A                                                  Dsus4    D 
Now twenty years have passed since the last time I saw you 
A                                         Dsus4   D 
When I kissed you on the mouth you walked away 
A                                                  Dsus4        D 
I knew that it'd be too much, I knew that it would scare you 
A                                                      Dsus4    D 
But I couldn't find the proper words for what I had to say 
But I don't regret a thing 

D       A       D       A

Written by Ben Cooper AKA Radical Face

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