Praise and Worship

Yes And Amen(Ukulele chords)

Praise and Worship

Key: F

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F Am Gm Am Dm Bb C Bb 

Go days Yes and I know that's im blessed 

yes got a heart that rest 

Yes if im healed then im sealed 

Yes if im healed then im healed 
  F                     A7 
im not afraid of circumstances 

     Bb                 Dm   
coz i've already found the answers 
    Gm             C 
in christ all of Gods promises 

  Bb         F 
are yes yes and amen. 

  Dm                 Gn 
Now the time to let faith win 
God has placed his promises 

  Bb               F 
in the center of his will 
 Dm             Gm    Bb 
seek his kingdom and his ways 

all the power of heaven 
is yours to call today 

repeat Chorus 

  F          Bb     Bb      F     
all God promises are yes and amen 

  F                 Bb 
celebrate God promises 
 Bb    F 
yes and amen.
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