Praise and Worship

The Great Adventure(Ukulele chords)

Praise and Worship

Key: D

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	        D G 
D                              G             D           G 
Started out this morning In the usual way 
                         D                   G          A                       G 
Chasing thoughts inside my head Of all I had to do today 
D        G                 D          G                   Em7        D        Em7  G A D 
Another time around the circle Try to make it better than the last 
                         G                          D         G 
I opened up the Bible And I read about me 
D                            G                       A                           G 
Said I'd been a pris'ner And God's grace had set me free 
D          G              D                   G           Em7          D    Em7 
And somewhere between the pages It hit me like a lightning bolt 
 D          G                          D                         G                    A 
I saw a big frontier in front of me And I heard somebody say let's go 

G                       D     G                                    D G 
Saddle up your horses We've got a trail to blaze 
                                    D               G                          A  G 
Through the wild blue yonder Of God's amazing grace 
                          D          G                          Bm7 A Bm7 A Bm7 
Let's follow our leader Into the glorious unknown 
A         Em7           D            A 
This is life like no other    (Oh oh) 
G                                  D   G D             G 
This is The Great Adventure         (Yeah) 
D                              G                    D             G 
Come on and get ready For the ride of your life 
                     D                 G             A                            G 
Gonna leave long-faced religion In a cloud of dust behind 
D         G                 D                              Em7    D     Em7    D 
And discover all the new horizons Just waiting to be explored 
         G                  D                A 
This is what we were created for    yeah 

Bm            A     D   Em7                                   A 
     We'll travel over    Over mountains so high 
                             D               G D              A  Bm7 Em 
We'll go through valleys below        Still through  it   all 
                        G            A      D         G 
We'll find that This is the greatest journey 
            Em7                     A  Em7 D        G                           D 
That the human heart will ever see      The love of God will take us far 
A                              G          D G  D G 
Beyond our wildest dreams 
                     D                G                           D            G 
Oh saddle up your horses     Come on get ready to ride
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