I Know Who You Are(Ukulele chords)


Key: Bm

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Intro: Bm7 G D A 


Bm7                  G                 D 
In the mountain air, in the valley low 
                     A                     Bm7 
You are always there, You are always close 
                 G                           D 
I can feel Your grace, as You guide my steps 
In the darkest place  


                  Em7    D/F# 
I know who You are, woah 
            G        A 
I know who You are, woah  

G D A Lord, Maker, Savior Bm7 G D A I know that through it all You are greater Bm7 G D A Your love for me will never fade away Bm7 G D A Those who hope in you will never be ashamed G 'Cause I know who You are
Verse Bm7 G D You have walked the earth, and you understand A Bm7 You know every hurt, and You hold my hand G Though the storms may rage D A They still know Your Name Instrumental G A Bm7 F#m7 G A Bm7 D Bridge G A I may not have much left but you provide Bm7 F#m7 With every waking breath I'll lift you high G A You hear my every prayer, You are by my side Bm7 D God I know you, God I trust you Tag G A I know who You are, Jesus Bm7 F#m7 I know who You are, Jesus G A I know who You are, Jesus Bm7 D I know who you are, Jesus

Written by Mitch Wong

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