Phillip Long

Lion Heart(Ukulele chords)

Phillip Long

Key: G

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	        G           D 
I'm a lion 
I'm a fucking lion 
           C               D            G   D 
Yes, i'm wild since i was born until i die 
           G     D                    Em 
Yes, you love me as you love a lost cause 
            C                  D               G 
Yes, you love me because you want someone with soul 
  D                               G 
You know an animal has a soul, right? 

G                      D 
When you share my bed 
You share my precious wine 
                   C    D 
When you share my bed 
I can touch your light 
  D                                G 
Nobody can deny that we're wild, right

Written by Felipe Alves Ferreira da Silva

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