Perry Como

Linda(Ukulele chords)

Perry Como

Key: D

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	        A7     D        D7M      D6          Dm7                           
When I go to sleep, I never count sheep 
    D             Cdim       Em7       A7 
I count all the charms about Linda 
    Dm7         A7       G/B       A7 
And lately, it seems, in all of my dreams 
   Em7         A7          D 
I walk with my arms about Linda 
      G       Em      D 
But what good does it do me 
     D6    A7     F#7    E7   D 
For Linda doesn't know I exist 
C#m5-/7      F#7      Bm      Bm7 
Can't help feeling gloomy 
  E7             Bm5-/7    Edim   A7      A7/13-   
Think of all the love that I've missed. 
A7      D          D7M        D6            D7M 
We  pass on the street, my heart skips a beat 
  D        Cdim          Em7      A7 
I say to myself, 'Hello, Linda' 
   Dm7        A7        G/B         A7 
If only she'd smile and stop for a while 
    Em7           A7         D 
And then I would get to know Linda. 
    G  G/F#  Em    Em7   D F#m 
But miracles still happen  
    D       A7    F#7    Am7     B7 
And when my lucky star begins to shine 
    Em7       G/B             Gdim   A7  D       Gdim  D6 
With one lucky break I'll make Linda mine

Written by Jack Lawrence

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