Pat Boone

Sugar Moon(Ukulele chords)

Pat Boone

Key: Bb

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	        Intro: Bb 

Bb  A     Bb         F     Eb 
Oh, sugar moon, come out tonight. 
      F                Cm    Bb 
Bring me your glow, of angel light. 

     Cm    Bb        F         Eb 
Here in my arms, our love will bloom. 
   F        Cm         Bbm   Bb 
If you will shine, oh, sugar moon. 

                Eb         F   Bb 
While you shine down, from up above. 
              C         Am7        F   Cm 
I'll hold her close and talk sweet love. 

Dm  Eb      Bb          F           Eb 
And in your glow, we'll hear love's tune. 
     F         Cm    F         Bb  Eb  Bb 
Then she'll be mine, oh, sugar moon.
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