Open Heaven

Name Above All Names(Ukulele chords)

Open Heaven

Key: C

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	        verse 1 
      C                  G 
I caught up in the fury of   
      Am                      F 
Your passionate, relentless love 
     C                  G 
My words could never say enough   
Am                         F 
Jesus, I am overcome 

You are 

C G Worthy, wonderful Am F Jesus, Name above all names C G Faithful Father Am F No other name above Your name
Interlude C G Dm F verse 2 C G Your love washes my fear away Am F And I can only stand amazed C G Here before You face to face Am F My life pursuit, to sing Your praise Bridge C (G Am F) Jesus, Jesus, Jesus C G/B Am F There just something about that name C G Am G Master, Savior, Jesus F G Am G There something about Your name Alternate
C Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Name above all names Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Name above all names

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