Open Heaven

Burn In Me(Ukulele chords)

Open Heaven

Key: C

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	        verse 1 
C     		              F 
I on my knees, giving You all, all of me 
C    			   F 
Surrender my life, a living sacrifice 

        Dm               F 
I can live unless I living for You 
         Dm              G 
I won quit, I be burning for You 

C Am Burn in me as I burn for you F G Holy fire, come consume C Am Burn in me, this my heart cry F G Come consume me with your holy fire C Burn in me
verse 2 C I lift my hands, my life for Your plans F Lord I pray C I letting go, Seeking Your will F I on my face, Bridge F G Am Em Burn in me (repeat)

Written by Timothy Keesee

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