New Generation

Our Love(Ukulele chords)

New Generation

Key: E

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verse 1: 
You wipe away my tears, 
 B                   C#m 
You blot out all my fears. 
       A          B    E 
Just because, You love me 

verse 2: 
I leave the pain behind, 
  B                        C#m 
As long as you are by my side. 
       A         B    E 
Just because, I love You 

E You love me and I love you, B I lift my hands and give praise to you. C#m My God, my God, A (B) (x2) (Only play the last 'B' on the second Chorus.) How I love you.
Instrumental: (Chorus) E B C#m A B Bridge: C#m To you I give the glory, A To you I give my praise. E To you i give my worship, B So you give me your grace. (x4) (Speed up on the 3rd time singing it.) Order: verse 1, verse 2, Chorus, Instrumental, Bridge, Chorus.
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