Matchbox Twenty

Black and White People(Ukulele chords)

Matchbox Twenty

Key: G

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	        VERSE 1:
G            C	    G			C
One more day down, Everybody has those days
G		   C		     G		C
Where one soft sweet song is just enough to clear my head
In between 'head' and the chord change is this on horns:
G		    C
Fall on real life, (fall on real life)
G		     C
Is anybody left here sane?
Em		D5         	 Cadd9
And weíll slide on over, the accept  fate
Man itís bound to be a powerful thing
G C And if itís just that youíre weak, can we talk about it? G C Itís gettin so damn creepy just nursing this D5 Ghost of a chance Cadd9 The fiction, the romance, and the Technicolor dreams G C G C Black and white people
VERSE 2: G C One boy headstrong G C He thinks everything here is just plain G C G C Heís pushed down so hard you can hear him start to sink G C G And itís one last round of this petty conversation C Em You hold on boy, cuz you wonít go down like this D5 Cadd9 You just roll on over and lay down till itís more that you can take CHORUS: same as last time G C G C So one more day down, everybodyís changing G C D5 One soft sweet song is just enough to clear my.... Cadd9 My head CHORUS: same as last time

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