Lisa Ekdahl

Tea For Two(Ukulele chords)

Lisa Ekdahl

Key: D

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Intro: A7 Em7 Adim A7 

Em7        A7      Em7    A7 
Picture you upon my knee 
D7M     D6      D7M     D6 
Tea for two and two for tea 
     Em7    A7      Em7     A7      D   D6 
Just me for you and you for me alone 
G#m7         C#7       G#m7       C#7 
Nobody near us to see us or hear us 
F#                 F#6            F#            F#6 
No friends or relations on weekend vacations 
   G#m7           C#7 
We won't have it known, dear 
    G#m7      C#7       F#      Fm7  
That we own a telephone, dear 
Em7        A7       Em7         A7 
Day will break, and you'll awake 
     D7M      D6    D7M        D6 
And start to bake a sugar cake 
    Em7    A7      Em7     A7      B7    Gdim B7 
For me to take for all the boys to see 
Em      F#m7    B      B7 
We will raise a family 
 Cdim     Em     Gm      A7 
A boy for you, a girl for me 
     G        A7      Em7      A7       D    
Oh, can't you see how happy we would be

Written by Irving Caeser and Vincent Youmans

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