Kye Kye

Knowing This(Ukulele chords)

Kye Kye

Key: Dm

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verse 1 

perfect father 
you have revealed my heart's cover (Eph.4:18)(Eze.36:26-27) 
F         Am 
under such radiant lights  
perfect lover 
you have pierced my fear asunder (1Jo.4:18) 
F     Am 
sealed flawless (Eph.1:13) 

Bb Dearest you've painted me, what was I waiting for? Dm the colors are all I see it was all there before F this light is all I see you never lost me, love (Ro.6:6)(Eph.2:10) C this light is all I see Bb Dm F C you never lost me, love (Ro.6:6)(Eph.2:10)
verse 2 Dm Fall, how it fell from me scathed oh so permanently Bb sunk, how it sank from me F C deep, where it once tried taking me (Ro.6:3-9) Dm words, they were words just to be breath but now they sing for you (Ro.6:10-14) Chorus (x2)
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