Justin Rizzo

See His Love(Ukulele chords)

Justin Rizzo

Key: Bb

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verse 1: 
 Bb                 Eb 
Pure and spotless, sent from heaven 
 Bb            Eb 
For the broken You came 
     Cm            Bb/D        F 
Your life was the ransom that paid 
     Cm       Bb/D       Eb       F 
The debt that saved me from the grave 

Eb F See His love at the cross Bb/D Eb He embraced the shame for us Eb F See His hands, open wide Bb/D Eb Giving guilty ones His life Eb Bb F Sinners born as friends of God Eb At the cross
verse 2: Bb Eb Come, you weary; come, you suffering Bb Eb He will lift up your head Cm Bb/D F Though once far away without hope Cm Bb/D Eb F He opened the way to bring us close

Written by Jonas Park/Laura Hackett Park/Justin Rizzo

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