Juan Queiroz

Hey Baby(Ukulele chords)

Juan Queiroz

Key: G#m

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Intro: G#m B E Eb (2x) 

G#m           B 
Baby, look at me 
    E                       Eb 
You never lie, something is wrong? 
G#m            B      E                          Eb 
Baby, I cannot say... everything around me seems strange 

G#m G B Db My heart is pink, my tears are blue G#m G B Db All in my mind makes me crazy and so paranoid
(G#m G B Db) (2x) G#m B Hey girl, you like my eyes? E Eb My pain is black, says the Elf G#m B The objects are moving E Eb My hair got look so bad Chorus 2x
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