Johnny Cash

Sweet Betsy From Pike(Ukulele chords)

Johnny Cash

Key: G

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	        G                            D7         G 
Now don't you remember Sweet Betsy from Pike 
                                   A7        D7 
Who crossed the big mountains with her lover Ike 
G                C            G 
Two yoke of oxen a big yeller dog 
                            D7          G 
A tall Shanghai rooster and one spotted hog 

                             D7            G 
One evenin' quite early they camped on the plat 
                      A7          D7 
Down by the road on a green shady flat 
G                         C           G 
Where Betsy got tired and lay down to repose 
                             D7          G 
And Ike he just gazed on his Pike County Road 

                                        D7         G 
Well they soon reached the desert where Betsy gave out 
                         A7      D7 
Down in the sand she lay rollin' about 
G                        C            G 
While Ike in great tears looked on in surprise 
                             D7           G 
Said Betsy get up you'll get sand in your eyes 

                                 D7         G 
Well the Shanghai ran off and the cattle all died 
                             A7          D7 
The last piece of bacon that mornin' was fried 
G                       C         G 
Ike got discouraged and Betsy got mad 
                                   D7          G 
The dog wagged his tail and looked wonderfully sad 

                             D7             G 
Well a miner said Betsy will you dance with me 
                           A7            D7 
I will now ol' hoss if you don't make to free 
G                              C            G 
But don't dance me hard do you want to know why 
                                D7         G 
Doggone you I'm chalked full of strong alkali 

                        D7         G 
Ike and Sweet Betsy got married of course 
                        A7         D7 
But Ike gettin' jealous obtained a divorce 
G                    C           G 
Betsy well satisfied said with a shout 
                           D7              G 
Good-bye you big lummox I'm glad you backed out

Written by Jimmie Driftwood

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