Jamestown Revival

California Cast Iron Soul(Ukulele chords)

Jamestown Revival

Key: A

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E       Asus2      E       Asus2     
Lately, I've been low 
Things been moving slow 
Could not tell you why 
Maybe too much paradise 


A (really let open high E string be heard) 
Something came a-calling 
                       B   E   Asus2    E Asus2 
And I knew this time I had to go 

E Asus2 (the quick switch) California E I don't even know you A E Asus2 And you've taken me away from home E Asus2 (the quick switch) Old magnolia E I'll never get over you A E Asus2 Feeling running straight to my bones B A E Asus2 Someday I'll be coming home B A D Someday I'll be coming home E With a cast iron soul
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