Greg Holden

Are We Wasted(Ukulele chords)

Greg Holden

Key: G

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	        Greg Holden - Are we Wasted 

G               D                                C  
I've been leaning on words, but using them sideways 
G              D                C 
Making excuses and I don't know why 
D               C              G 
Lately I know , that I've not been trying 
       C           G     D                C 
Barrying things that took me years to find 

    Em              D              C 
what is wrong with me                                                   2 x 

              C   G               
Tell me are we wasted 
               C     G          D 
Tell me are we wasting all our time 
                C     G 
I reckon we can make it 
                  C    G     D      C 
Making everything both yours and mine 

       C               Em                   G 
'Cause we've come too far and we both know that we've come too far to let it go 

The truth comes out but he saw his shadow 
So he did away and left us here 

 to climb the hill and fight this battle 
So hold on tight until the coast is clear 

Em               D            C 
We are almost there                                                     2 x
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