Eli Young Band

Bottom Line(Ukulele chords)

Eli Young Band

Key: G

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Verso 1: 
 G                        Em 
I've been living in this town, for quite sometime 
 C                                  G 
It's been eighteen years since I crossed that county line 
G                  Em 
I sold almost everything that was mine 
 C                                  G 
Now I'm leaving town, with nothing but that bottom line 

A hundred dollars and a half of a tank of gas 
The shirt that's on my back, and an beat up Rangers cap 
200 miles to go, who would believe that, 
I would go this far, without turning back 

Em C G D So Here I go, packing light to head down that road Em C G D And I know, this life I'll lead will beat on my soul C D But I'll still have my pride F G C G Nothing But That Bottom Line
Verso 2: The bands been on the road now, for quite sometime Hitting all the cities, neon sign to neon sign Drowning in straight bourbon whiskey, beer and too much wine Playing our songs for nothing but that bottom line But on that stage each night, were captured by the sound Singing these songs we write, to a different town 'Cause there are people who believe in what we've found They like the song we sing and that's why we hang around (Refrão) Verso 3: Thirty Years from now on that marquee sign You'll see our name lit up misspelled, and live tonight But we don't care, cause we play music that we like Almost for free, for nothing but that bottom line (Refrão) 2x

Written by Mike Eli/Jon Jones/Chris Thompson/James Young

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